tEsT rEsUlTs

mAnDy you are, GURU (Submissive Extrovert Abstract Feeler ) Like just 12% of the population you are a GURU (SEAF)--kind, knowing, giving. Like Buddha of old, you can be a persuasive speaker, and you use your creative talents to further the objectives of your heart instead of your mind. But be careful that your friends don't take advantage of your relaxed nature, that's what happened to Jesus. Above all, you like going with the flow. And there is probably nothing in the world you haven't smoked. That's cool. Oh yeah, you like to talk a lot. That's cool, too. Whatever. Carefree Carnation With your breed of passion, it's no wonder life smells so sweet! Must be nice to strike such an even keel while others around you sway to the opposite extremes. Somehow, you manage to go through life with a swing in your step — and without sacrificing your goals! After all, life's too short to get obsessed over just one pursuit. And if you keep your feet planted firmly on terra firma, you'll stay on the road to making friends, not waves. Of course, this isn't to say you don't have burning desires. It's just that they might be more along the lines of seeing the next hot flick or taking care of a friend in need than on becoming class valedictorian. After all, not everyone's happiness can be measured by report cards and résumés. In fact, maybe that kind of ambition never really made sense to you. Why would you sacrifice a weekend with the girls to make yourself crazy cramming for some test on the French Revolution or to impress a college admissions committee when you could be forging life-long ties with family and friends? To you, it's all a matter of priorities. There's nothing wrong with setting goals, but you're a believer in the realistic variety. Why chase dreams when there's so much to do in the here and now? So kick back and keep it real with your carefree, perennial passion! ................................................... Aqua Paradise You're one-of-a-kind, that's for sure. A unique individual like you will make her mark with a bold, eye-catching color that's not afraid to be noticed. That's why we're pairing you up with Aqua Paradise. Your friends may sometimes question your choices in everything from what you wear to who you date, but they are likely to admire your willingness to experience all that life has to offer. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us if your experimental nature has helped you become ultra-secure in yourself — and that's a great way to be. You've also probably got a creative way of looking at the world that gives you a unique approach to solving problems, at home and at work. And your offbeat opinions and adventurous spirit likely make you a compelling character to pal around with. So keep it up, Aqua, and never give up on whatever paradise you seek! ..................................................... Snugglebunny When you're in love, the whole world knows it. The excitement of romance shines from your eyes. After all, love is grand. And so is intimacy, whispering sweet nothings, the occasional PDA, and the joy of being cuddled up and cozy with your partner...Yikes. Is that a sugar headache coming on? Nah — we're just jealous. Fact is, you've got a leg up on most folks when it comes to welcoming romance and nurturing its growth. Recognizing your gift for knowing what you need to stay happy in love will guide you through uncertain times. What more could anyone ask for? Here's the catch: You might want to check in with yourself from time to time to make sure you're not avoiding real intimacy or hiding behind romantic games. We know, we know. It's more fun to just play. But keep in mind that true love is worth the work! ..................................................... I aM... 66% ...compatible! Congratulations, Captain Normal! You've got about as good a chance as anyone of making it work. While no one's beating down your door to jump your bones, they're not fleeing as if you had the plague either. Are you and your hot ticket gonna live out the rest of your days in happiness, eternal matrimony and all that good stuff? No idea, but hey, you got a shot.

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