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Star Wars Episode I: Obi Wan Kenobi

Rated: G
Size: 20 kb

I decided to do a doll of someone from starwars episode I. I could of done Queen Amidala, but her clothes are too hard, so I did Obi Wan Kenobi instead. You can close his cloak, give him a hood or turn on his lightsabre.

Star Wars Trilogy: Princess Leia

Rated: PG
Size: 1.2 MB

This doll of Leia has sounds and many bg of her in the Star Wars movies. She has all the hairstyles and the clothes from the movie too! The music are also from Star Wars. Unfortunately, I didn't draw the bounty hunter costume T_T. Leia was always my favourite character, she is tough and independent!

Legend: Princess Lily

Rated: PG
Size: 250 kb

Princess Lily from "Legend", this old movie with Tom Cruise in it. I loved the movie because I adore unicorns and the girl in it has the same name as me. This doll has a little touch of gothic and fairy style.

The Last Unicorn: Lady Amalthea Still in progress!!!!

Rated: PG
Size: ?? kb

The lovely Lady Amalthea from one of my favorite movies. She is really a unicorn trapped in a woman's body. You can change her back and for with the wizard. ;) This set is larger than I thought it would be.

Artificial Intelligence: David

Rated: G
Size: 25 kb

After watching that movie, I was really moved.. It was so sad. So I decided to make a doll of David, he looks funny here though.

TV shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:Buffy Summers

Rated: PG
Size: 180 kb

This doll is a collab with Shampoo go to her website here. Buffy is one of the coolest characters from North America shows! she can really kick butts!! This doll has many hairstyles.

Real people


Rated: PG
Size: 250 kb

I absolutely LOVE this doll!! So many reactions in it! These are my good friends. :) I love it to pieces, even though the drawing is really cheap and bad. I tried to make everything as simple as possible because there are so many of us.

Innocence: Me

Rated: PG
Size: 300?? kb

Boring doll. I just realized that I made her hips a little too large and rest of her body a little too small. The only good thing about this doll is the variety of wings. Also, make sure you click on her hair barrettes(if she has any) for certain hairstyles, it changes. That part took me forever. It was totally not worth it.

Me again

Rated: PG
Size: 45 kb

Blah... got bored on my birthday so I decided to make a doll of me... it took me approximately 3-4 hrs to finish. hope you like it.


Rated: G
Size: 40 kb

I did this doll for fun too, it also took me approximately 2 hours, or less. This doll was for Lynn, one of my best friends!


Rated: PG
Size: 178 kb

Adrienne is my best friend ever since grade 6! This doll is a big doll! she has reactions, hairstyles, eye colours and snap on. Check this one out!

Serene Angel

Rated: PG
Size: 140 kb
This is a doll of one of my best friends. It's her birthday, and I decided to make a doll since I can't send anything else. Anyways, I hope you like her!


Rated: PG
Size: 227 kb

Hey! Here is my best friend, Shampoo! She is kinda smaller than I thought it would turn out, but it was actually fine! Now, don't just wait there! Download her! Read the text file for more info! ^.^

Original Characters


Rated: PG
Size: 301 kb

An original character, I don't know why I made this doll, probably just to get better at drawing the anime costumes. she has many different hairstyles, reactions, music and more!

Taurus Girl

Rated: PG
Size: 92 kb

I wanted to do a doll of some horoscope, so I did Taurus! She has lots of fkiss. Check it out!


Rated: PG
Size: 74 kb

Debbie is so cute! I actually finished her in a week! She is an original tomboyish character I have made. She looks kinda like a DBZ character. She has fkiss such as reactions, hairstyles, and lots more!


Rated: G
Size: 106 kb

Sky looks too much like teen Gohan. I don't know exactly why I called him "sky". His clothes took me two days to finish, that's why there aren't many of them. Fkiss are easy to figure out.