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-The Above Pic is so Obviously A pic of his book..Read the book..Bruce's Book ROCKS!-

This is a Pic of Our Handsome Bruce in the Movie The Majestic..Yeah it was just a Bit part but it was still BRUCE!

Here's Bruce at a Convention..he looks like an Uncle Sam poster only cooler. "Uncle Bruce Wants you!"

This is a copy of the "Book Of the Dead" or the Necronomicon Ex morti from the awesome Evil Dead movies.

The Poster from The original Evil Dead! God Even covered in Blood Bruce looks hot!

BIG UPDATE!!!! September 25,2003
listen to a bruce Campbell Interview on the Manly Oracle show.
between 10pm and midnight EST You can catch it at the site just click on hi-fi or lo-fi and DL the listening software.
also Send in your questions at.. or AIM:KnightcastDJ Have fun and listen for Bruce...TONIGHT!

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