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The official Hell World Page

Who am i?
Hell World is a horror First Person Shooter featuring many levels,challenges and an excellent scenario!


27-05-2003 : HellWorld 0.1.4 is released today.Many small bugfixes and
a lot of code changes for this one.Try it out!

21-04-2003 : Few changes in the web page.Hell World project will be freezed for a few days

21-03-2003 : Two weeks of hard coding and another one release is here :)Text support,better movement
and a lot,a lot code changes.Enjoy!

04-03-2003 : The third release is out!code clean-ups,better intro,
better movement are some of the changes for this release.Enjoy!


Old but stable windows-only release
HellWorldv0.1alpha11.zip670 Kb

New but VERY unstable cross-platform release
HellWorld-0.1.4.tar.bz2200 Kb

Code Stats

You can see (old) code stats about HellWorld here

Hell World is a first person shooter.It is written using the openGL and SDL library and is developing for the last months by ironhell3.
If you liked the game please write us at

Last update: 21-04-2003