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Ginger McKenna

Ginger McKenna

Hello there, and welcome to my site. A small tribute to myself and the things I adore. (That's not too vain, now is it?) Anyways...


About Me:
The Infamous Ginger
My Decision to go Vegetarian

About Sharon Stone:
The Complete Sharon Stone Filmography (includes pics & info)
Sharon's Scrawl

About The Site:
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Where to go from here?

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NoFishing.Net - An Anti-Fishing Site
Angelfire.Com - Complain About The Pop-ups!
Frank Rosenthal's Homepage (the real life Sam "Ace" Rothstein!!!)
The Original "Casino" Site - this is fabulous
The Worst Sharon Stone Site - every one of the links is broken I swear!
The 2nd Worst - just awful, you'll see.
The 3rd Worst - this one is so bad, it may just make you laugh
(Not that I'm saying my site is good...lmao!)

Thanks for stopping by. I knew you liked to watch...