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Trigger control

As you should know by now proper trigger control can mean the difference between a confirmed hit at 1000yds and a pathetic miss at 200 yds. I believe, as well as many other shooters, that a perfect trigger control results in the release of the firing pin without moving any other part of your rifle. Most improper trigger releasemethods are caused because the shooter is worried about the recoil of the gun and jerks on the trigger when he thinks the gun is about to go off. II have taught others to forget about the recoil because what will happen to him if he accedentialy shoots the targets companion and the target has time to shoot back will worse then a little bit of recoil. Instead of jerking on the trigger a sniper learns to gently take up the slack in the trigger and calmly squeeze the trigger to complete the shot, then he must prepare for the follow-through. To reduce recoil place the butt of the rifle tightly against your shoulder. You could also add rubber recoil pads, but if you practice with the pad you should have it on in the field necause consistancy equals accuracy.