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Ian's Endeavors in Autonoma

One of my favourite TV shows is PMK (Popular Mechanics for Kids).  Once a it had a show about robots.  Charlie's Tip got me deeply interested in BEAM'bots.

This is my first 'bot.

Instructions for making it were taken from Charlie's Tip (the best part of the show).  I saved you the link to the instructions:  The PMK TRIMET

Here's a close-up of the FLED (Flashing LED motor) Motor.

IF you are careful, you can see a part that is not included in the instructions.  When my dad first built the Trimet according to the instructions the motor would spin once and then a whining noise could be heard (oscillations).  To prevent this my dad hooked up the capacitor between the positive supply and the base of the 2N3906 transistor.  We found the position by trial and error (it was the second position that we tried).  The value we used was 47nF (it says 473 on the case).  Dad thinks a inexpensive 0.1 uF decoupling capacitor would work great too, but we haven't tried it.  If your building the same Trimet and you try something different, let me know - I would be interested in your experiences.

Here's a link to a more useful location on the PMK website if your looking for neat things to see and do:  The PMK webZone - The playzone for kids, cool geeks, tech-heads, and other surfers.

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