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About Me

Damn, I hate talking about myself. But since every webpage I've ever seen has a section like this, I guess I'd better do one too. I'm a student at York University, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm in my first year of my Mass Communications/Political Science double major. ("De fuck is that?" you say. I know, everyone says that. All I know is, it'd better get me a job as a publicist, otherwise I'm gonna be mightily pissed off.) My two favourite bands are Rammstein and Metallica (duuuuuh), but I also like listening to a bunch of other stuff, mostly Canadian bands. The Tea Party, Econoline Crush, Headstones, yadda yadda yadda. I love the Simpsons, and I think The X-Files is still one of the coolest shows on TV.

That's all I'm telling you about me. If you have an incredible desire to know more, you're one of those freaky stalker types, aren't you? Go away.

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