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Links and Thank You's

Since I have absolutely NO access to a scanner, and am utterly stupid when it comes to using HTML, loading pics, et cetera, et cetera, most of the pictures (and ALL of the movies!) you see on this site are STOLEN! Yes, I am leeching off the technichal abilities of others for my own evil, twisted gains! Mwa-hahahahahahahaha!

Ummmm.......yeah. So anyways, these are links to site that I visit on a regular basis (and have therefore probably stolen stuff off their sites), and also some thank you's to people who have helped me out by sending me pics or by just plain being kickass cool people. Muchos gracias, everyone!

Special thanks go out to: Claudia, founder of "Rammstein Anonymous", Renee (because she iz ze coolest!), Sev for all the pics, Alex for letting me use his picture gallery (dude!), Van for the Simpsons animations, Shannon and Charlene for making me get off my ass and make a webpage, and Mike (even though he didn't do anything, I just think he's cool). Thanks to Sander too (also for no apparent reason ;). But only because it's his birthday.

Note: Don't feel your site MUST be related to Metallica or Rammstein to be on here. I have links to a site about the Toronto Maple Leafs and also one BUT Metallica and Rammstein. See, this is what the "not Metallica/Rammstein related" section is for. Dumbass.

Favourite Links

Encyclopedia Metallica
The best Polish Rammstein WWW site
Metallica - NEM
One HUGE Rammstein picture index!
FallSchirmJager's Rammstein Fansite
The official Metallica website
The official Rammstein website (also located at

Not Rammstein/Metallica Related

Shannon's Page
Charlene's Leafs Zone
Alibis (band based outta Quebec City, Quebec, Canada)

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