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The Beth Page

Okay, this is a page devoted to my favourite bands on earth, Metallica and Rammstein (YEAH, BABY!) Anyway, I'm still learning about this whole webpage experience (HTML be DAMNED!), which explains why this page sucks total ass. Metallica fans: I put up a message board in case any of you want to mouth off about the whole Napster issue. Rammstein fans: I've Sorry. If there's a call for it, I'll put up a Rammstein message board, but there didn't seem to be a demand for it so it was left off for now. And for everyone......oh look, the site now has a chat room! Feel free to talk about absolutely anything and everything, but if you abuse this I'll be really pissed off and hunt you down. Haaaaa.....not really. Just use some common sense.

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(last updated May 5, 2000)

Metallica Stuff

Videos - UPDATED: MAR.2
A Rant
Message Board - ADDED MAY 5

Rammstein Stuff

Videos - UPDATED MAR.1
Translated Lyrics - UPDATED FEB.29

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