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A Tribute To Ian Miller and Legend Big Ben!

This here is a tribute to Canadian's best equestrian team, Ian Miller and Big Ben. Unfortunatly, Big Ben past away a few years back which has left an empty hole in every equestrian ethusiasts heart. The love for this large 17.3 hands high dutch warmblood is very great. The farm that Ian Miller resides and where Big Ben had currently resided before his death was Millerbrook Farms! There is a wooden monument up in the hospital in Perth, from where Ian Miller lives and where Big Ben resided. As well Perth is wanting to raise funds to build a great statue in the memory of this great equine legend. The statue will be made of pure copper or pure bronze! This decision has not yet been made. I know that Big Ben is sadly missed by one and all! So here is a great tribute to this big hearted friendly giant! Also, Big Ben is the second horse ever to be put into the Canadian Sports Legend Hall of Fame!

Here is a picture of Ian Miller's daughter, Amy Miller. She is on her horse Mill Creek Roseanne (below).

This is at the DeMaurier Cup at Spruce Meadows(below)!

This is at Spruce Meadows, Alberta in 1991 (below)!

This was Ian Miller with Big Ben just outside the winners circle after yet another victory at Spruce Meadows. Way to go!

This is Big Ben just relaxing in his paddock. This is at Millerbrook Farms in Perth, Ontario Canada.