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Hey Everyone,
Well my web site is slowly coming together, But just so you all know, this site is still not finished. I am adding stuff to it all the time so check back every now and then. Here is where you can get to know me better. This is my first site that I have ever made so tell me what you think of it as well! I love getting comments!

K, here are my *UPDATED* stats..
I'm a 25/F from Niagara Area, Ontario. ~Things I do: Hangout with friends, partying, movies, cafes, hockey games, sports, clubbing and dancing, rollerblading/skating, camping, hiking, going to the beach, swimming, tanning, working out and keeping in shape,.. pretty much anything and everything... just love going out and having a great time.

~Music: mostly dance, techno, house, R&B and stuff like and listen to almost anything.

Currently, I am studying to become a Massage Therapist & Holistic Health Practitioner. Right now, taking Hot Stone Massage Therapy and then going back to school full time for RMT (Registered Massage Therapy). I am also taking Natural Health Consultant and Reiki.

There is a couple pics in the photo albums. I hope you like the site. Check them out! Also, make sure you sign my guestbook and tell me what ya think!!!

Also - for everyone to know - I now have a MSN Group called chng Fr mn dedicated to the search of my brother. It's also for anyone who want's to find someone as well. It's a place you can look to. The info is below!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back, I am updating my site all the time with new photos and other great sites and stuff!!!
Also, make sure that your check out "Corinne's Fave Links" at the bottom of the page! Lots of great links to look at!

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~Glamour Shots
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~Montreal - July to August 2001
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~Photo Album #3 - Taken Oct 01'
~My Brother - Jason
~The Cats
~Hamilton Wildcats
~Hamilton Wildcats #2
~Photo Album #5 - Taken Nov 02'

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