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Welcome to the Crypt

A few poems, I pray you enjoy them. Feel free to leave comments, they are appreciated.

More visions of my love and I
Memories of a spectral wraith

The Riddle

Caressing you from head to toe

Your silken hair aback I throw

Gasping for breath you take me in

Your demanding thirst I slaken

Sating you for times at present

Your taste for me sometimes pleasant

Churning forth your clothing afloat

Billowing outwards as I dote

My warm breath to your shawl give flight

Sometimes with icy teeth I do bite

My touch feathery on bare skin

Fingers gentle yet oh so thin

Recoiling backwards in a lull

Upon my return you do mull

Yet dwell I upon my past

The lonely years gone by so fast

Often my fingers have caressed you

From dark midnight to morning dew

Never once the favour returned

Loving yet never loved, my heart spurned

Flowing fiercely I voice my pain

Keening loudly my tears like rain

Pushing you back, wet with sorrow

My curses silent as they follow

My anger spent I hold you close

Voice gentle, calming and morose

But to my anguish you stay blind

Fingers again soft, light and kind

So on I go, ever alone

My passing heard as muffled groan

I weep ever more often

My load never to lighten

My road proceeds to darken

My pain does but sharpen

I could never lie to you

Nor others, that much is true

Yet reader I am sure you grinned

When you learned I was but the wind

The Hunt

My pale form slips through the night

My eyes burning hot alight

My hunger fierce as I quake

My body tense begins to shake

Her heart-beat loud in my mind

Her copper scent I must find

Her lifeblood flowing swifter

Her breath begins to quiver

I feel my lips start to slicken

I sense my own pulse quicken

I taste her scent as it lingers

I begin to close on hers

Your pulse races as I near

Your pure mind succumbs to fear

Your moans of fright deep and low

Your supple form begins to slow

My crimson eyes you behold

With a whimper your legs fold

My tender arms enfold you

My bloodlust erupting anew

You quiver in my embrace

My heart matching yours in pace

I slick your throat with my lips

From my mouth, my fangs do slip

Your eyes locked on my hot gaze

Drawn you submit in a daze

Baring your soul to my lust

My breath soft, like a hot gust

As I part your flesh with fire

Pleasure this act doth sire

Racing like wind to your core

Ecstacy to every pore

My mouth works, sucking strongly

I bite down further, gently

Piercing you ever deeper

Your warm blood growing sweeter

Pleasure birthing aching pain

Your back arching as I drain

Your crimson nectar oh so sweet

Your body slips to my feet

Pleasure fading, pain rising

You look up at me begging

The eyes you trusted, you loved

My hands soft, cloaked and gloved

Rest upon your silken face

No longer your pulse doth race

My throat to your lips I press

Your lips part, sharp teeth impress

I gasp, the pain leaving you

The lust again born anew

Your mouth is filled with my dark blood

A warm, coppery, thick flood

You drink deeply, your thirst hot

Not a single doubt or thought

As you blindly damn your soul

You tear your lips from the hole

Screaming as bright pain erupts

Your soul black as it corrupts

Your gaze hellish now, infernal

"Welcome love, to life eternal"

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