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lazy susan

Lazy Susans


Custom Interior

Quality Mouldings and Trim

Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

Our "Lazy Susans" were crafted from Solid Oak or Solid Maple, finished with a durable laquer finish, and are about 12 5/8 inches in diamenter. They contained excellent craftsmanship and took considerable time to make.

However, prospective customers only want to pay "Wal Mart" type prices.
So, sorry, currently we are no longer selling the Lazy Susans.

Custom Interior
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Custom Interior
R.R.6, Merlin,
Ontario, Canada N0P 1W0


Our office phone number is:

Also we can provide a wide selection of mouldings and trim accessories such as rosettes and baseboard corner blocks.

We design and build furniture and cabinets (such as the High-boy; Wall Units; & Towel Cabinets to fit our customers' needs and we make items such as Knife Blocks and Subwoofer Enclosures.

Thank you again for your interest.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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