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Question of The Week(QOTW)...a new and interesting question each week!
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Meal of The Week...get great recipes!
YP Book Club...let's read and share opinions!
Joke of the Day...have a laugh!

How did you and your partner meet?
What is your favorite memory of your child so far? Something funny? A first time? Please share!
How right were you about the sex of your baby?
What were your favorite halloween costumes as a child? For your children?
Give your opinion on carseats?
If you could change one thing what would it be?
What would you do if your partner cheated?
What would you do if you caught your kid smoking a cigerette or a joint?
What do you think about egg donation for infertile couples?
Do you have a older baby that STILL doesn't sleep through the night? Please share...
Would you allow your teen to have sex in your house?
What would you do if your ob/gyn was flirting with you?


This page is for young parents of any age to talk and make friends. It is so much help with support and questions. You can add links in the message board and if they are really good we will add them to the homepage! Please feel free to explore and join us!
This forum is family friendly and we all would appreciate it if there are no vulgar words or phrases used. Please try to be on your best behaviour and have fun! That is what this forum is all about!
Our latest message board QOTW (Question of the Week) is "How did you and your partner meet?"
(Please read more before posting to the QOTW). If you are new or interested in joining our conversation saying your peice in the QOTW, then please feel free to come in and say what you like. Please remember that the QOTW applies to everyone and is in most cases just opinions. Please do not critisize anyone for expressing their beliefs.

Young Parents also has a announcment mailing list for members! Subscribers can not send to the mailing list, it is just for the group leader to send out announcements for chats, special events, new member announcements and such. Click on the OneList button to subscribe! You will only recieve an email if something important is happening, but there should not be more than 1 email a week from the forum leader to keep you updated!

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Real is fun to check out. Its been on TV and all over everywhere. You can learn the difference between your physical age and your real age. Your body might be 20 years old, but your health may say you are 25! Definately worth checking out!

Parent Soup is a wonderful site for everyone. It has almost everything, message boards, chats, experts, polls, games, and just about everything you can imagine! It is certainly a great site to visit and worth every minute!

Snuggle is a website created by a normal mother for her family. She has 2 children, and is constantly posting pictures of them as they grow. She is an active member in many webrings and has a lot of very interesting things to say...check it out!

ParentHood Web is another great page with chats and polls and tips and experts. Great links to all sorts of things, so visit this site too!

Taking an IQ test can be alot of fun just to see what you score. An IQ test measures your ability to remember information, and the more you can remember (in most cases) the more you know...check it out, it's free and fun!

Granny's Kitchen has some wonderful recipes, short quick easy, complex, and all sound wonderful. It's a site to check out if you ever want to know how to make banana bread or dijon porkchops and vegtables. It's definately a site to check out. is a great place to go for recipes, you can find almost anything. I don't think it suits the low budget and quick and easy label, but it still very nice.


This is where you can learn about the Young Parents Forum Staff and visit their personal homepages or email them if you like!

You can also visit the MEMBER'S PAGE to see short bios and links to the members of Young Parents!

Board Leader:

Mom1978. Otherwise known as Becky. Becky is 20 years old and is engaged to a wonderful man that she will marry on July 1, 1999. They have a beautiful son named Maxwell that was born on July 9th, 1998. The live together in Ontario Canada. Please visit Becky's Family Homepage

Assistant Managers:

Jasonsgrl. Otherwise known as Kathy. Kathy is 18 years old and has a wonderful daughter named Cassidy. Please visit Kathy's Family Homepage!

Kobysmum. Otherwise known as Jen. Jen is 23, stay-at-home mom to Koby Taylor (9-3-98), stepmom to Holly and Tela, and wife to Scott (32). Her hobbies are reading, web-surfing, chatting and crafts. She can be reached at

Amber007. Otherwise known as Amber. Amber is a 23 year old mother, married for 4 years and her son Cass was born Oct. 18 ,1998. Amber lives in Florida and works full time while her husband goes to school. Her hobbies are reading, biking, candlemaking, and of course her son. She also loves the beach!! Please visit Amber's Personal Homepage!

Merydian. Otherwise known as Amber. Amber, age 21, and her fiance, Steve, age 30, live in Missouri and have a son, William Joseph, born 09/97. You can see Merydian's Homepage at

Foxxy Otherwise known as Amy. Amy is 22, a stay at home mom to Dylan(6-98), wife to Brad(22) for two years. Amy and family live in Ohio. See pictures of her family here. Or send her somemail. Amy also provides the QOTW's (Question of the Week) and the PQ's (Personal Questionaires) check those out too!

Additional Staff:

Chat Moderator: Loki15. Otherwise known as Shannan. Shannan lives in Huston Texas with her husband Jeff who she's been with for 7 years and married for 3 years. Together they have a daughter named Taylor (3 1/2) and another baby on the way, due in September. Shannan has a zoo of animals and loves to chat and help people. You can email Shannan here.

Chat Moderator/POD: BolBol (Nhefzallah). Otherwise known as Nabil. Nabil and his wife Carol, who wed in 1994, live in Chicago with their two sons, Daniel (August 96), and Michael (June 98). You can email Nabil here. or you can visit his personal homepage here. You can see a picture of Nabil by clicking here. Or visit his forum at The Flock on Delphi. Nabil also provides the forum with a nice break to see visions of the world. He gives a wonderful POD (Picture of the Day) *almost* every day!

Chat Moderator: Littlefoot3 Littlemother's information has not been gathered at this time, but will be updated shortly.

Chat Moderator: Jgrossma1 Jean is 26 and a mother of three. Diana (9), Jason (4), and Clara (13 months). She is married to Rosendo, and they live together in Southern California. You can email Jean here.

Chat Moderator/Joke Of The Day from Paula46 - Paula, 20 years old. Married to Darrell since January, 1996 and has 2 children, Hunter, (March 96) and Mackenzie, (February 97). Lives in Tennessee with her husband Darrell who works as a diesel mechanic and Paula works at home on the computer. Paulas homepage is

RECIPES: Maureen - Maureen will be providing fun easy recipes including a very special 'Meal Of The Week'. More about Maureen to come!

Chat Moderator: Colene - Colene will be hosting 3 late night chats a week!! More about Colene to come!

TIPS/HINTS: Carrie - Carrie will be providing a weekly child care, home care tip of the week!

Chat Moderator/Book Club: Teelopezita - Tracy is the book club founder...if interested please check under the BOOK CLUB heading in the message board. More on Tracy to come!


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