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The Story of the kerPLOP!

-by sweetfulfillment (eBay online community)

Once upon a time,

there was great tragedy in the world...

New York City, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania

had just been the sites of the worst terrorist attack

ever. People were traumatized and frozen into

inaction. No one left their TVs for days...

But, along came someone named bluepetunias who said,

"  Let's start a thread and support each
other in this time of depression!"

Well, people came from far and near to the Auction Listings

board and found the HONORS thread and began supporting

each other, in buying and in just plain ol' chatting.

Some of the regulars (justwe-2 and ferdagirl), kept getting all excited when they

posted on a message with "00". Hmmm! Must be something SPECIAL to

get that post. So, then there were RACES to the next "00".


Then, one day, justwe-2 was trying to cheer up the board and started

singing, "Just what makes that little ol' ant, think he can move that

rubber tree plant ...". Well, it became a singalong for doing the

impossible! For believing! And, what is the LAST WORD in

that famous song as the ant moves another rubber tree plant?




So, someone named "sweetfulfillment" took that famous last word,

and started using it every time she got one of those special "00" posts...

...and, so it goes ...

Exhibit 13

CNN Online Memorial List to Those Lost


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Thanks, Tiff.  Rest in Peace, we miss you.  1973 - 2004.