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(Many thanks to for this angel that now blesses our home!)


Agency photoFred Macguire
DSH, Tabby

Size: Small
Age: Young
Sex: Male
I.D:   #####


Adopted May 17, 2004

Meet Fred Macguire!! He is a domestic short haired brown tabby neutered and declawed male about 3 years old. He is very beautiful, clean and affectionate with a very loving disposition. He's a definite lap cat and purrs up a storm. This boy seems to roll with the punches and would fit into about any household. He is very playful and gets along fine with other cats.

If you're wondering why he has a first and last name, it's because the shelter staff named him Macguire, and his foster mom named him Fred... so we just stuck 'em together. :-)

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered

"Let's see, wake up, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, litterbox visit, sleep some more..."

June 11, 2004Timmy trying to get a bird out of the TV set
Freddie was a "replacement" cat for our Timmy who had to be put down due to a physical ailment.  He might have been treatable with "exploratory surgery", but there was no guarantee he would survive, or even that it would work.  The humane thing was euthanasia.

Pepper demonstrating one of his many sleeping positions

Originally we were not going to get another cat, but the very next day Pepper, our other cat was visibly distressed at not being able to find Timmy, so he changed our minds for us.  The new cat would need to be neutered or spayed, and (frontally) declawed, as Pepper was (and Timmy previously) and we did not want Pepper to be at a disadvantage with a fully-clawed cat.

After not being able to find a suitable cat at any of the local shelters that day, we looked on  Freddie had it all; he was okay around other animals, was neutered, and was also declawed.  The next day we went to the pet store that he was being shown at, held him, talked to him (yes, he talked back) and decided right there and then to put an application in to adopt him.

After a telephone interview and a follow-up email, it was decided late that evening by the organization handling Freddie's adoption that we would be his new guardians.  Freddie was picked up and brought home the very next evening.

He made himself right at home the minute his paws hit the floor.  Unfortunately he arrived with a touch of some sort of cat flu, probably as a result of stress from being kennelled in various places while being "shopped around."  So, we had to keep him quarantined, while being treated, in one room so Pepper wouldn't catch it.  As in his description, "...seems to roll with the punches."  It was never our intention to all-out "replace" Timmy, but Freddie appears to have filled in that big cat bed quite easily :-)

Pepper has given us his nod of approval on Freddie. We have even witnessed Pepper allowing Freddie to lie on him while sleeping, which was something Pepper never let Timmy do, not even once.  Maybe Timmy's absence brought Pepper closer to Freddie - who knows?

June 29, 2004
While Freddie is still relatively new to our household, it's as if he's always belonged.

He loves his fake mouse (the size of a rat), crocheted Santa (which used to be Pepper's a long time ago but he lost interest in it), with his favourite toy being a nylon-coated spring.  He goes bananas chasing after that spring, as it bounces every which way whenever we toss it for him.

Something really cool was "discovered" about Freddie since the last update.  When giving him a treat one day, we tried a few commands.  When we used "sit", he sat right away!  But we didn't stop there - we even tried "beg" (which, admittedly, he did mostly due to us holding the treat higher), but then we said "lie down"...and he did!  And he's consistent; he definitely knows the difference between sitting and lying down ;-)

August 13, 2004
"Hiss-Hiss!"  Whoa, there, Pepper!  You're not ALL black, you know ;-)

Freddie's lost all of his springy toys, and I have NO idea where they all went.  I've checked behind and under every piece of furniture in the house, and even the vents.  They'll reappear out of nowhere someday, like most things that get lost.

He's back on to torturing his play mouse, again.  Once in a while I'll find it tucked up underneath my covers on my pillow when I go to bed at night.  Awww, how cute...wait a sec, I sure hope he never finds me a real one - LOL!

The latest in Freddie's unique character (compared to our other cat Pepper, or even to what Timmy was like) is that he likes to sleep on top of my tallboy dresser.  And this thing is really tall - like six and a half feet high.  I keep my winter blanket on top of it, and Freddie bounces from his window perch, right up on top of this blanket.  I wake up most mornings to see him curled up there, sound asleep.  I'll have to find something to put up there in the winter when I reclaim my blanket ;-)

He still does his tricks (see June 29 2004 update), but I haven't been able to teach him anything new.  Not that I would ever stoop so low and treat him like a dog - j/k!

September 18, 2004
Well, Freddie FOUND 2 of his spring toys just after my last post and brought them to me for me to toss around for him.  That lasted all of a day before they went "missing" again!

He's now taken to demonstrating how loud he can meow when he gets insistent about being let down into the basement from the kitchen.  He reaches up to the doorknob and YOWLS for one of us to open the door, but he knows if we say no, he quiets down to a little "meow?" and we just say no again before I swear he sighs and goes back into the living room.

Everyday I am grateful for having this little munchkin brought into my life.  I still think of Timmy every now and again, especially when I come across one of his old toys.  But with the passing of one adopted cat, another homeless cat got saved :-) 

If I stay here, maybe I can catch a glimpse of Jolly ol' St. Nick when he brings me all of my goodies on Christmas Eve...

December 23, 2004
It's almost Christmas Day and Freddie knows something's going on.  I think his first clue was when we brought in the Christmas tree and I started decorating it.  He's one of those cats that's interested in what his humans are doing, and stuck his nose in every single box of decorations as I was bringing them out.

I also think this may be the first time he's ever seen snow.  He was totally bewildered by the "stuff falling from the sky" at first snowfall this year.  I put him on his perch by the bedroom window, and he got all wide-eyed and nervous until I opened the window and touched the screen to show him the snowflakes weren't a threat.  He sat there watching almost every single flake (it was a light powdering that morning) and I couldn't help but laugh out loud seeing his head jerk up, down, left, right, down, up again and again.

I am thinking he was a basement-apartment-dwelling cat in his previous home.  He's forever whining to go down in the basement (we keep the door closed).  And whenever he is let down to go explore (nothing down there for him to get into trouble with) we can hear him from upstairs crying.  I go downstairs and he stops.  I go up, he cries.  It's like he's eager to get down there, and is dismayed when he finds himself alone.  As if he's looking for something or someone and is upset that they're not there.

But I digress.  Overall he's a happy cat, and doesn't get into trouble (knock on wood).  He sleeps with me every night by snuggling into the backs of my legs as I lie on my side.  In the photo above, taken last weekend, he's sleeping on top of my husband.  Speaking of which, my husband was somewhat resistant to the "new" cat, he and Timmy (the previous cat) didn't seem to like each other.  But Freddie has shown him nothing but love and trust, and my husband has grown very fond of this little fellow.

Here's to Freddie's first Christmas with us, the first of many more to come :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May 17, 2005
Has it already been a whole year, Freddie?  A year since you came and brought sunshine into my life?  How lucky I was to have found you, having loved that little face since the first day I saw you on a little over a year ago today.  Thank you for being my companion, and here's to many more years to come! :-)

October 13, 2005
I am so smitten with this little guy, my companion, he who follows me around and comes when I call him.  Right now he's snoozing on my lap as I type this.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how a stranded, abandoned cat who was merely a ribcage and a spine when I first brought him home, has so much love in his heart.  I've had cats before, but Freddie is, by far, the most affectionate and easy going cat I have ever known.

Pepper has also grown very fond of him.  I caught him licking Freddie's head the other morning, something that cat had never done before, not even with Timmy.

I'm even missing a brand new CSI this evening just to leave Freddie alone all snuggled up in a ball on my lap - is that love or what?  LOL!

March 11, 2006
My best little buddy.  Ugh, I was as sick as a- well, you know, can't say the "D" word in here - LOL!  Anyway, I was sick this past Tuesday and both Freddie and Pepper stayed with me the whole day.  I suppose it could have something to do with being warm, they love to keep close to the heat, but all the same.  Every time I woke up from my fitful naps they were both there and just having that company, I think, helped me regain my strength to at least be able to function the next day, and get better over the next few days.  Well, that and keeping hydrated.  I've heard some nasty bug's been going around.

Finally added a couple of new photos to the gallery.  Pepper in his usual resting pose, but at least this one was taken after playtime, so it's not just out of sheer laziness.  He's been a lot more active since I switched their food, so we'll see how Freddie holds up, he's always active anyway.  The other shots are of Freddie lounging on the window perch watching the squirrels and whatnot in the back yard.

I totally swear by the saying, "A house without a cat (or two in my case) is not a home."  :-)

May 17, 2006
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

August 20, 2006
You know, I swear that Freddie understands me.  Of course, this is coming from a  cat lover and that all things that I say mean something - LOL.  And I know many others out there experience the same thing, they have a "conversation" with their cat, some even with their dog.  The animal seemingly responds to whatever you say, and a back-and-forth banter ensues.

Me weird?  Hey, I resemble that remark ;-)

October 22, 2006
A few weeks back I took Freddie out for a walk (he's used to his harness now, even gets excited when I take it out of the closet to hook him up).  We walked around the backyard for a few minutes, but it was cold and damp, so I brought him in shortly thereafter.  I went out for the afternoon and by the time I got home Freddie was sniffling and sneezing up a storm.

Somehow I doubt he got sick from the morning walk, but I couldn't think of any other way he would have come into contact with anything since he's an indoor cat.  However, I kept him warm and hydrated with some wet food over the next few days and within about 5 days he was looking and sounding much better.  By the 7th day he was over his kitty-cold.  But not before I totally freaked out and called the vet as to what could be wrong with him.  I have the best vet, she asked me a few questions over the phone and from the answers concluded it was indeed just a cold, "kitties get them sometimes," she told me.  She also said that if he stops eating or appears lethargic (which he wasn't) that I should bring him in right away, but in the meantime just to keep doing what I was, as I was doing all the right things.

Once Freddie was back to his old self, Pepper then got sick.  *Sigh*, the poor oaf, he was a misery for 10 days, snotting all over the place - eeewww LOL.  Whereas Freddie never lost his appetite, Pepper had me worried on the first (worst) day where he wouldn't even eat his treats I tried to get him to nibble on.  By the second day, though, I enticed him with some wet food (diluted with a little water for extra hyrdation as I had done with Freddie) and he ate just fine after that.

I kept an eye on their litter behaviour as well and nothing changed there (except for some runnies, but that's to be expected since they were usually on a dry food diet with daily fresh water).  Freddie still played like he always did, the cold didn't get him down, but Pepper, aww.  He slept and sneezed and hacked for the duration.

Thankfully, both guys are well now and back to normal.  What a relief, animals never tell you how they feel, so one has to be intuitive when they're sick so they get the best care you can give them.  At least now that I've seen them with a cold, I know what to expect should they ever become infected again.

I love 'em both to bits :)

May 15, 2007
OMG!  Nearly THREE YEARS already??  Where does the time go...

Freddie's his regular curious self these days, we've been  doing some stuff around the house and he's always there, checking stuff out, like he's supervising or something.  Of course, he gets a little upset when we close the door to keep him from getting in, but we don't want him to get hurt or get into something he shouldn't.  Pepper's his usual "as long as my food dish is where it should be I don't care" self, so all is good at the household.

3 years, I can't get over how time's flown.  Well, Happy (early) "Birth"day, Freddie, I guess that makes you about 5 to 6 years old now!

May 17, 2007
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2008
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2009
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2010
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

October 27, 2010
Rest in Peace, Pepper :(

May 17, 2011
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2012
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2013
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2014
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2015
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

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Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

May 17, 2017
Happy "Birth"day Freddie :-D

April 28, 2018
#RIPFreddie :-(

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