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News Sites

The Tower Fellowship Message Board - Where TTF discusses all pertinent guild issues

EQ Vault - One of EQ's primary news websites

EQ Stratics - Another of EQ's primary news websites

EQ Official Page - Sony's EQ page

Spoiler Sites and Maps

EQ'Lizer - EQ's premier spoiler site for quests, items, & maps

EverLore - Spoiler site, along with class guides and server-specific info

AllaKhazam's Magical Realm - Spoiler site, along with item databases and spell info

EQ Atlas Maps - Maps of Norrath

The Oracle page of EQ Maps - More Maps of Norrath

Games Database- EQ Items and NPCs - Need to find something or someone? Check this out

Class Specific

The Necromonitor - A Necromancer Newsletter

The Safehouse - The best Rogue board there is

Mythiran Tower - Your one-stop shop for spell research information

EQ Druids - A swell site for all the tree-huggers out there

Druid's Grove Message Board - Druid Message Board, Q & A here

The Concert Hall - The place for all you aspiring musicians

Trade Skills

EQ Trader's Corner - A Trade Skill encyclopedia - also contains where to find trade items (aka EQ Trades)

EQ Brewers - Brewing questions? This is the place for answers


Enigma's EQ Page - A great springboard... lots of good links here

Dr. Twister - Want to know what the 12-year olds are up to? Check out this site

If you have any links you would like to submit,
Contact - Guildleader/Master of Records via email (The picture is a link)
ICQ#: 15387291 (if you don't get a response, he's not really there)