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Event Title: "So Long Splitpaw!"

Event Location: Infected Paw (Splitpaw) in South Karana (detailed info on how to get there will be provided)

Event Date: Saturday, December 4th, 8pm CST(Depending on feedback).

Event Details: Moxxie says -
Greetings all,

I hear that the dogs in Splitpaw are callin' in some elite reinforcements... and they'll be here pretty soon.

I think that we should take one last trip down there and wipe the place clean, for old times' sake ;) (Lord knows, after the new gnolls move in it's gonna be a while till we can ruin the place again)

So who's with me for a farewell trip to the old Splitpaw? I'll be level 14, but I welcome anyone to join (yeah, even you guys that are waaaay up there... I wanna put the smack down on some gnolls with my buddies... I can gain experience any time).

There will be plenty of prizes (graciously donated by the occupants of Splitpaw ;).

I plan on goin in to the hole at 8 CST on Saturday, Dec 4th. I'll live a lot longer (and have more fun) if a couple of you decide to join me ;)

Vlad says - Great idea! Let's see if we can make this a big turnout and perfect our whack-a-gnoll game =)