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Charter & History

The Tower Fellowship Guild Charter


The Tower Fellowship is a guild of brothers and sisters who arose from the ashes that once was The Mage Tower in EverQuest. While TMT fell into oblivion, the forces which gave it life refused to be buried with it, hence the coming of TTF.

The purpose of TTF is to provide a home and foundation for a group of tightly knit brothers and sisters. These brothers and sisters are dedicated to one another and have the maturity and integrity to provide a stable character to support the balance of the group. The phrase "one for all and all for one" has deep meaning within TTF.

The organization of TTF follows a standard guild hierarchy, containing Guild Leaders and Officers and a general membership. While there are people with titles within the guild, each individual is looked upon equally and has equal say in all but extremely urgent matters, which are decided upon by the available leadership. Under normal circumstances, issues affecting the guild are brought before the body of the guild, with the majority having say over the minority.

The membership of TTF is composed of all races and all classes of characters, here we do not discriminate. We have an journeymans program in place for those desiring to join our membership, filtering out the forces that once tore apart the Mage Tower from the inside out. While we are based on the Mithaniel Marr Server, within this particular world, we roam and do not have a set meeting location, preferring to conduct our meetings virtually or at various locations throughout the realm.

We have documents listing our guild policies; these are made available to any who enter our journeymans program. We also promote guild events and recognize the trades as being positive influences in generating good role playing experiences and furthering the guild bond.