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Various Wrestling

AWA Classics

2 hours
East-West Connection vs The High Flyers
East-West Connection vs The High Flyers [cage match]
Jerry Blackwell vs Mad Dog Vachon [Death match]
Lord Littlebrook & Little Koko vs Little Tokyo & Johnny Reb [midget match]
10 man Battle Royal
Andre The Giant & Hulk Hogan vs Nick Bockwinkle, Ken Patera, Bobby Duncam & Boddy Heenan
Ric Flair vs Magnum TA
Larry Zbysko vs Scott LeDoux [boxing]
Mad Dog Vachon & Verne Gagne vs Jerry Blackwell & Adnan Al Kaissie
Nick Bockwinkel vs Hulk Hogan

Morton Downy Shoot Show(15 Minutes)
Clip from an episode that deals with racism in wrestling. Known guests include Captain Lou Albano, Doctor D & Thunderbolt Patterson. When asked if wrestling is fake, Lou Albano and Doctor D say no.