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The Bible - Its Evolution, Contradictions and Inconsistencies: Links

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New Testament contradictions
Biblical contradictions
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Biblical contradictions
Textual contradictions in the bible
Does the bible contain errors?
Inquisitive atheists
Walk Away - for ex-fundamentalists
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Index to 30 chapters dealing with 'Reasonable observations on the origins of Christianity'
Jesus: History or myth?
Biblical flaws
Bible contradictions
Bible contradictions
Biblical errancy
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Bible contradictions
Bible contradictions
Matthew's problems
Poisoning the well
Bible perspectives and Christian contradictions
A critical examination of theism, creationism, and the bible
Bible contradictions
Bible contradictions
Cygnus' study - debunking the bible
Bob Jones' University Links
Contradictions in the bible
Irreconciliable differences in the bible
New Testament timelines
Cygnus' bible study
Questionnaire for Christians
Bible inconsistencies
The argument from the Bible
Bible contradictions
Prophecies: imaginary and unfulfilled
Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless: Notes and contents
Is the Bible God's word? by Joseph Wheless
Is Christianity founded upon a myth?
The origins of Christianity
Debate on the resurrection
The Jesus puzzle
Quinn's page of atheism
The American Atheist the Bible, fundamentalism, and religious belief
Christianity's dark history and heritage
An examination of Daniel and Revelation
Bible contradictions
Walk Away - for ex-fundamentalists
The lowdown on God's showdown
Articles by Ed Babinski
Cretinism or Evilution
If it wasn't for agnosticism, I wouldn't know what to believe
EZ2Amuze page on atheism and Christianity
Introduction to atheism (Includes criticism of Christianity)
Free Inquiry
How did Jesus become God?
Mindprod Bible study guide
Why it is unlikely God wrote the Bible
The wild world of Creationism
The non-believer's page
The Skeptical Review - edited by Farrell Till, a former fundamentalist minister
Leaving born again fundamentalist Christianity Webring
Exitfundyism - E-mail group to help and support those who have left or may want to leave Fundamentalism
The ex-tian home page - Website that features testimonies of former Christians - Deconversion stories including links to the websites of ex-Christians
Recovery from Christianity - A list of websites devoted to that topic
Leaving Christianity
The jury is in: The ruling on Josh McDowell's evidence that demands a verdict
Book review of The Jesus Papyrus by Carsten Thiede and Matthew d'Ancona
Critique of Josh McDowell's non-messianic prophecies
The fabulous prophecies of the messiah
Examination of the prophecies - Thomas Paine
The skeptic's dictionary
The rationalist's webring
Anti-religion ring
The blasphemy ring
The skeptic's annotated Bible (KJV) presented from a skeptic's point of view
Landover Baptist website (Spoof Christian site) Recommended!
Betty Bowers website (Spoof Christian site)
'Antichrist for a Day' Award page
The Door Magazine - A magazine that satirizes religious excesses
Ship of Fools - The magazine of Christian unrest
Post Fundamentalist Press
'Adult' Christianity
Indecent Biblical passages
The XXX-rated Bible

Synoptic Gospel primer
Encyclopedia of New Testament textual criticism
Online Bible (NIV, KJV, NASB, RSV, DARBY, YLT, WE (NT only), NKJV)
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