Well what can I say. I went to see

The Spy Who Shagged Me

on opening weekend and it's smashing baby! Hell, I almost peed my frickin' pants!

Haven't seen it yet? Do yourself a favour, hop on your good foot and do the bad thing and get to a theatre to see it!

I also have to send thanks to Jo-anne Wiseman for stealing my face from my homepage and pasting it on Austin's body. Which, by the way was also the inspiration for "SPANKY'S AMAZING HEAD" She puts the Grrrr! in swinger baby, yeah!


"....I'll call him MINI-ME !!"

This little fart was a great addition to the cast! He made for some excellent sight gags and he had no lines (who really wants to listen to a midget try to imitate Dr. Evil anyway?).

I wouldn't miss this movie for "...one million dollars!"

ClickHERE to visit the official Austin Powers website!!

My good friend Gary O'brian was lucky enough to win tickets to an advanced screening of "THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME", and emailed me a short review.
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