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My Favorite Websites!

Here they are!

The best band around, KoRn's Official Website!

Metal Gear Solid's official website!

SPAWN'S official website!

My friends' website! They make their own codes!

The best place to go for video game codes, Cheat Code Central!

The best place to go for game shark codes, GSCCC!

This site is a must see! Some nice shockwave games.

Don't hit 'Rock Bottom',visit the Smackdown Hotel!!

Jim's Hubble Telescope Photo Gallery! Nice pics...

And for those of us with a slightly twisted sense of humor...

One of the funniest sites I've ever been to, JoeCartoon is a must see! (Warning: Humor may offend some people)

Hone your assassin skills by 'bumping off' celebrities! Definitely on of my favorites!!

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