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Hello again..

Guess what? I tried the e-mail addy at the bottom of the page, and it doesn't work, because I didn't check my e-mail for two or three months. Whoops. So Hotmail, the Devil, went and deleted it. So from now on, if you want to e-mail me, or something, kindly use this link:


thanks. and if you're going to send nasty hate mail, put that in the subject area. Thanks, it helps me screen crap. Anyways. If you e-mailed me in the past four months or so and did not get a reply, sorry, it's because I haven't updated the page in forever and a half, and that address was there specifically for the page. So re-e-mail me, wow, that was some incorrect English, but okay.

If anyone out there is a webmaster/mistress/whatever you prefer of a humor page like my own, and you wish to join forces, please feel free, I'd love it, because frankly, I'm HTML retarded. When it comes to HTML, I feel like Corky from Life Goes On. So, if anyone out there is funny and computer smart, and wants to do a webpage simultaneously, PLEASE CONTACT ME! thanks. and now, here's what's in store in the following weeks:

Pop Star Therapy (new pop stars, including BRITS, are going to be added), the Reviews section will be sectioned off and expanded, When Bad Fashion Strikes, Why I Don't Like Any Pop Stars Anymore, Robbie Williams Sort Of Sucks, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack = Why God WHY?, People I Do Like, Rock Stars That Suck Too

I'm also considering making a seperate section just for rock stars.

And as always, if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me. THANKS! --Caitlin--

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