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Links without banners

The Original Ryan Phillippe Webpage
The best Ryan Phillippe site out there!

CRUEL INTENTIONS [version 4.0]
-A great CI site. Has practically everything you want to know about Cruel Intentions

The Crazy 4 Them Webpage
-A webpage dedicated to a Ryan Phillippe and 'N Sync newsletter.

Ryan The Crab (a Phillippe humor page)
-To my knowledge, the only Ryan Phillippe humor site out there.

The Ryan Phillippe Garage
-Very cool Ryan site. Lotsa pics and features.

Ryan and Justin Page
-a site in Japanese dedicated to Ryan and Justin Timberlake of NSYNC. its cool, go check it out.

The Rad Ryan Phillippe Webpage
-Has some info, and a cool fan club (I'm a proud member of that club!) Hasnt been updated in awhile though

Phillippe Vs. Witherspoon
The first site dedicated to both Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon.

Ryan Phillippe Online
-A site with a nice look to it. Though, like many sites, hasnt been updated in awhile

Non-Ryan sites:

Ratings & Reviews

Glassy Waters
-Thanks to the webmaster who helped me with thumbnails. This is a way cool site. I love it...

freddie prinze jr . com
-A fantastic site on Freddie Prinze Jr., a co-star of Ryan from I Know...

SMG Kingdom
-A fantastic Sarah Michelle Gellar site. Many different features and it's just wonderful!

The Teen Scene
-Formerly just called faith.simplenet.com, it's a cool site about teen issues and entertainment.

-a great entertainment site. definitely go see it.

Clubs/Mailing Lists

-A mailing list for Reese Witherspoon and/or Ryan Phillippe fans.

The first Ryan Phillippe mailing list

My Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon club at Yahoo!

The Original Ryan Phillippe Club
Obviously, the first Ryan Phillippe Yahoo! Club.

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