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Richie's EA81 Turbo Site

Pictures of EA81 Turbos

Our 84 Turbo Coupe
My Father's EA81 Turbo BRAT
Previous EA81 Turbo Coupe
My First EA81 Turbo Coupe
Turbone's EA81 Turbo Coupes
McBrat's EA81 Turbo BRAT
ShawnW's EA81 Turbos
Whippet's EA81 Turbos
Carfreak's EA81 Turbo Wagon

BlackRifle's EA81 Turbo Wagon
EA81T Wagon owned by Turbone & Qman
Pics of low Mileage EA81 Turbo Wagon
Other EA81 Turbo BRAT Pics
Other EA81T Wagon & Coupe Pics

Picture of Qman's, Mine, and Turbone's at WCSS3

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