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RX's Past and Present

Here is the picture of my recent RX, that I bought from a member of the USMB board, Corky. Also pictures of my RX Sedan and a previous RX. Enjoy, and come pack as I will post new pics as I get it fixed up.

87 RX 3DR

It has 117k miles on it, just cleaned up the interior and looks pretty good. Body needs LF fender, and rear bumper. Need a muffler, RF axle and some engine massaging. These picture are pre-wash condition.

88 RX 5spd AWD w/ LSD Sedan

Bought this from a fellow USMB member. Well worth the price we paid but the drive to get it was LOOOONNNNNGG. It needs a motor and some body work. Not sure if I am going to fix it up or can anyone say RX Wagon?

Previously owned RX

Bought this right before I went to college, needing a headgasket. Finally got it running in November, had it about a year, and need some money so I sold it. I have regreted ever since, so I bought the new one.