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My New Toy Site

Here are pictures of my recent new additions. Pictures change from time to time so come back and look again

86 XT 4WD Turbo

Bought this from a guy down the street at a garage sale. Said it quit running on them and they thought the engine was bad because they could not fix it. Well figured out it was the fuel pump and that they had messed with everything. Runs good now, and only has 83k miles. Here are more pictures of the XT. XT Turbo 4WD

97 Legacy

AWD Legacy Sedan. Only 70k miles. One family ownered. One big problem. Front end damage. A little bit worse than my wifes when I repaired it but not as bad as the last Brat I repaired. Here is where the web page will be for it. 97 Legacy Project Until then you can look at my wifes Legacy that we fixed.

91 Subaru Legacy LS AWD Sedan

Just bought this 1/12/02 Just put in a clutch and ddi a full 30k on it. 11/24/02 Thought I was going to go out and a see a cherry LS but it is less than cherry but then I ended up paying less than asking price also. Probably going to fix it up to sell since it has some dents. Interior is sweet though.