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My Brat Photo Album

Welcome to my Brat Page. Here are pictures of Brats we currently own. I am going to be adding pic of previous brats.

My Dad's Brat

Bought this for my father. (not a very good picture) Anyways. Powersteering, air-conditioning, t-tops, hightop canopy, short pushbar, automatic (yuk)very nice except for the tires and dents in drivers door.

My 85 BRAT

Just bought this from a fellow USMB board member. Very nice for its age. Has extras like jumpseats, power-steering, custom canopy, pushbar. Going to add rear disk brakes and Legacy seats.

Other Pics of my BRAT

My 83 BRAT

I bought this needing a new transmission about 4 years ago. Drove it with a bad 3rd gear for most of the that time. Had the transmission rebuilt and it drives like a dream. Currently has H style alloys on it. It still has the back seats in it and low miles.

BRAT For Sale

82 BRAT Bought this from a fellow USMB board member. It has only 76k miles on it. The bad thing is that it has some rust. Currently no motor or tranny in it. Well worth fixing up when I get the time.