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Chesta / Shester

Chesta may be the shortest slayer but his energy and fierce
loyality makes him strong. His page-boy
haircut and deep blue eyes makes him appear to be the most gentle
of the slayers but this of course isn't so, for
no gentle types could survive under the harsh rule of
Dilandau. Chesta doesn't hesitate rushing into battle. He is
trained in swordplay, as is all the slayers, but he's at his most
efficient when battling in his guymelef. He knows that Dilandau usually
acts in haste. So he is always quick to speak his concern to Dilandau in
the hopes to protect his Master from doing something foolish. Chesta,
of course, receives many lumps from Dilandau for this behavior but he always
takes them well.

Dilandau: "Two Alseides against those boorish knights? TWO were damaged?
Chesta and Dalet:"W-We apologize!"
Dilandau:"Step forward!" (Smacks them both to the ground.)
Dil:"How pathetic despite having the Stealth Mantaneux. Do you wish
to disgrace my name?"
Chesta and Dalet:"We're very sorry!"
Dil:"I won't repeat this again. The Dragon Slayers don't need incompotents.
Do you understand?"
Chesta and Dalet:"Sir!"

Chesta may not be the best at swordplay but he's a formidable opponent
in his guymelef.

Chesta looking after Dilandau.
Chesta:"Master Dilandau! Folken ordered us to restrain
ourselves while we're anchored!"
Dilandau:"It'll be okay if I don't get out of the
Vione won't it?" (Proceeds to target Van from inside the hanger.)
Chesta:(watching)"Master Dilandau! Is he going to maximize the power
of the energist to launch the Claw of Chleama?"
Dilandau:"Bye bye Van. Reach him my claw..Tear him to pieces."
The Alseides Burns and falls apart.
Chesta:(concerned) "Master Dilandau!"
Dilandau:(jumping out of the cockpit) "What the?!"
Chesta:(runs to Dilandau)"Are you hurt?"
Dilandau:(shoots Chesta a seething glare then looks to the distance)
"That girl...." (eye twitches as he thinks about Hitomi.)

Why does Allen always go straight for Chesta first?
This is Chesta in his melef getting knocked into the water by Allen.
Chesta must have reoccurring nightmares about Allen by now...

Chesta is protective of his master to the end.

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