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15 April 2010
I have take a few days off work to spend some time updating this site, doing Tarot Readings, taking care of our kitties and posting the Daily Card on my Facebook Page. (Why don't you join?) I updated the link on the Feral Cats page that says "Our Cats " so it would go directly to the pictures I put up on my Facebook page until I get that updated on the site. This is only some of the cats we care for, we don't have all their pictures up yet. Just wanted you to see who your donations are helping.

25 Feb 2010
I am working on adding the Feral Cats section, and hopefully this weekend, I can finish adding the page about our own feral (and pet) cats. We took 2 more males to the Animal Coalition's Neuter-a-thon last Saturday, they are trying to neuter 500 cats in 2 days! Don't know if the met their goal...Need to raise more money to take care of these kitties, that's what I do the Tarot Readings for! Your donations are greatly appreciated, every dollar helps feed and care for the kitties!

1 Feb 2010
Back to working on the site..I am working on updating the "Contact Me" or "E-mail me" links to just go to a page with a form to send me a message. I thought that would be easier. I also put a form on my Tarot Reading page so you can just fill it out with your question or request and send it to me that way. Happy Imbolg tomorrow!

24 Dec 2009
Thanks to Spiderman, I now have a place to update my site! I would have to say I will be working on this for a while, changing pages and checking links. If some don't work, just go back a page and let me know . Thanks, Happy Yuletime to all!

27 Aug 2007
I haven't been able to update my website due to the fact that I was offline for a year, and now that I am back, I can't remember my password to get into my geocities account!! Apparently, I am not providing the correct personal information to retrieve my password, either. So I can at least work on my angelfire pages until I can remember it or some other option I haven't thought of at this moment. Anyway, Blessed Be, a storm is approaching and I can't afford a new computer....

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