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Moon Phases    

Bear in mind
that new projects should be initiated
when the Moon
is waxing (from dark to full);
when the Moon is on the wane (from full to dark),
t is a time for storing energy and the wise person waits.

moon cycles

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The reason we should observe the moon phases goes with the first principle of belief,
"we practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the moon....."

Normally, the first type of celestial magick employed by the working Witch is that of the moon and her phases.

The prime consideration in any spell or working should be the moon phase, unless there is something unusual happening or you are working under emergency conditions.

Because of the full surface of the moon's illumination by the sun during the Full Moon Phase, things in your life may be clearer or more focused. This is the time to solve mysteries and search for hidden knowledge. Using the Full Moon for divinatory purposes is an ancient practice. It's light has the power to unveil even the deepest, darkest secrets.

Life takes on added dimension when you match your activities to the waxing and waning of the Moon. Observe the sequence of her phases to learn the wisdom of constant change within complete certainty.

woman in moon


LUNA, or as it is better known, the MOON, is our closest neighbor in space. During one lunar month, the moon goes through all it's phases.

The Moon's gravity tugs at the Earth, causing ocean water to slosh back and forth in predictable waves called tides. We can visibly observe some of that energy dissipate at the beach, with waves rolling across coastal shallows and shoals. Most of the energy dissipates due to friction between the water and the shallow floor beneath it. This Quicktime animation (6 Mb) showing tidal energy dissipation is courtesy of the Scientific Visualization Studio at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

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woman in moon

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