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Bear Totem


Have you met with your Animal Spirit Guide?



Mine is the Bear, and I couldn't imagine life without it now.

The Bear

The Bear represents Awakening the Power of the Unconscious.
It even had a constellation named for it- Ursa Major, The Great Bear.
7 stars of this constellation are probably the most easily recognized in the northern hemisphere.
These 7 stars form The Big Dipper, and they have links to the 7 great rays of light of the Divine.
Bear teaches us to go in and awaken the potentials inside, we must bring what we awaken out into the world & apply it--make our marks with it.
You cannot hibernate all year long, you must come out of your den.

The bear stands for strength and drawing from your inner power.
The bear is also very protective of her young.


There are as many animal totems, or spirit guides, as there are animals.
I have several that I have met and call upon when needed.
I have met the Horse, and I associate that when I have the need for communication, or a swift message to be carried.

I consider the Scorpion one of my totem animals, because I am the Scorpion.


Meditate with the intention of meeting your animal spirit guide, and it will come to you.
It is eagerly waiting to meet you, teach you, and help you with your life.
Don't worry if you don't have any success right away, it will come if you continue to search.

I will try to add more information on animal totems in time, but until then, I will find some good links for you to explore.
I have found a very good book on this subject is "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews.
Every time a living thing, besides humans, comes into my path, I grab the book and look it up to see what lesson I can learn from the animal world.


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