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Peter Forsberg, the comeback year 2002

Peter made the comeback during the playoffs after several injuries and surgeries.

May 10 2001: Peter Forsberg ruptured his spleen during a playoff game versus Los Angeles Kings. Emergency surgery. Did not play in the Stanley Cup finals when Colorado takes the trophy.

September 15, 2001: Peter takes a time out after all injuries. He had an ankle surgery and is forced to another foot surgery shortly afterwards.

January 8, 2002: Back in Denver to prepare for the comeback.

January 10, 2002: The doctors stops the comeback. A new foot surgery. He misses the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and the rest of regular series in NHL.

April 18, 2002: Comeback against Los Angeles in Stanley Cup playoffs. Almost one year of healing and waiting is over. Let the show begin!
May 31, 2002: Colorado lost against Detroit Red Wings in the Conference finals. Peter had most points in Playoffs even though Colorado didn't reached the finals.

Peter before the preseason 2001/2002 starts in Sweden. Back in Denver. 2002-03-25 Undergoing three surgeries, Peter Forsberg hasn't played hockey in eight months. 2002-01-12 Filling a bit humble during the standing ovation he received when returning to the game versus LA Kings after allmost one year.

At a press conference. 2002-01-16 Back in pepsi center. 2002-01-17 Busy in the dressing room after practice before the comeback. Photo AP. 2002-04-16

vs Los Angeles Kings
First puck touch in game in allmost one year vs the LA Kings vs the LA kings Peter Forsberg crashes against the boards with the Kings' Mattias Norstrom.
AP . La 3,Avs 1,
Photo by AP. Peter Forsberg, right, takes a shot as Joe Sakic, center, blocks Kings right winger Ziggy Palffy. Avs - LA 1 - 0,
Photo by AP. Avalanche center Peter Forsberg, left, works inside for a shot as Kings defenseman Mattias Norstrom, center, covers Forsberg while goalie Felix Potvin guards the net in the first period. Avs - LA 4 - 0,
Photo by AP.

vs San Jose Sharks
Peter Forsberg (21) scores against Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov in the second period.
Avs 1, Sharks 0, Photo by AP, 2002-04-15, Wait till next year
Avs star Peter Forsberg, who scored the game's only goal, shakes hands with Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov. (Brian Bahr/Getty Images). 2002-04-15

vs. Detroit Red Wings
Avalanche center Steven Reinprecht (28) is congratulated on his first period goal by Rob Blake, left, Chris Drury, center, Greg de Vries and Peter Forsberg (21). Col-Det 3-2, 2002-05-26 Photo by Jon Hatch. Undivided attention. Peter Forsberg of the Colorado Avalanche tries for a late goal, but Dominik Hasek made the save during the last seconds of regulation. The Avs won in overtime. (Dave Sandford/Getty Images), May 27, 2002 This one's going by.
Peter Forsberg scores the winning goal against goaltender Dominik Hasek. The 2-1 victory for the Avs gave them a 3-2 series lead. (REUTERS/Rebecca Cook) May 27, 2002 Detroit goalie Dominik Hasek (39) protects the corner of his goal as Colorado's Peter Forsberg tries to get a shot in the second period. Game 6, Det - Col 2 - 0 credit: AP

Back in Sweden, June 2002 Back in Sweden, June 2002
Stanley Cup Playoffs serie 2001/2002
[Colorado vs Los Angeles Kings (Conference Quarter Finals)]
[Colorado vs San Jose Sharks (Conference Finals)]
[Colorado vs Detroit Red Wings(Western Conference Finals)] Colorado lost against Detroit.

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