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"If any wildcat cartridge deserves to be factory loaded by our ammunition manufactures it is the .338-'06" 26th edition of the Hogdon data manual.


A-Square is now loading the 338-06 as the 338-06 A-Square. Weatherby is also producing its Mark V rifles in this calibre!!!!! Banner Exchange - 1:1 plus we pay for your clicks!

The .338-06 is made by simply necking up the standard .30/06 case to accept the .338 bullet. Furthermore with all bullet weights it is only 150 to 200 fps slower than the more expensive .338 Winchester Magnum and it generates far less recoil. So if a ..338 Winchester Magnum is considered good on elk out to 400 yards, the .338-06 matches that out to 325 yards. It also is a more versatile cartridge then the 35 Whelen as to bullet selection. There is a wide variety of premium bullets available from Barnes, Nosler, Trophy Bonded and Swift. One man's opinion.This is also factory loaded by several manufactures such as A Square, Precision Cartridge Co, Quality Cartridge and Hawk's View

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