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Melissa's Handcrafted Soap

P.O.Box 445 Darlington Md. 21034

2nd Maryland Soapmakers Gathering

Hello, Welcome to my site. Though I sell my products here

I created this site for the new soaper. I remember when I

started. I had no one to ask and was pretty much on my own.

Though you probably won't learn it all here with the links, photos, and instructions

you should get a good start. If you get up knowing one thing

more then when you started then I will be happy.


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**Thanks to my son Jesse for teaching me how to create these pages. It wasn't easy!**

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Unfortunately because it seems to be a sue me kind of world I must post my disclaimer for those who blow their house up

and feel it is my fault. I can not control the way you mix the oils. I can not control how you use any of the ingredients.

Should you have an allergic reaction or anyone you give your finished product to has an allergic reaction I am not responsible. Therefore, you are on your own.

Making soap is a simple process you just need to handle the lye with respect.

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