Shirtless and Butt-Shot Pics

Alex Gonzalez, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez amoung others
Jose Cruz shirtless
Butt shot of David Dellucci
Cool shot of Javy Lopez
Annother cool shot of Javy
Yet another of Javy
Alex Rodriguez working out shirtless
Awesome face shot of Gonzo
Nomar Garciappara shirtless
All face shots of Gonzo are awesome! Here's another one
Another hot pic of Gonzo
Ryan Klesko
Great shot of Javy and Andruw Jones
Awesome shot of Javy
Shawn Green's face
Arod in a muscle shirt
Arod shirtless
Alex in a muscle shirt again
Javy and Andruw
Brady Anderson 1
Brady Anderson 2
Brady Anderson 3
Ryan Klesko shirtless
Ryan again, with Chipper next to him

Brad Fullmer
Nomar Garciaparra again
Nomar Garciaparra thrice
Derek Jeter