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(Pantera is our Fila)

First picture of Pantera the puppy

Filas (Fila Brasileiro) were bred in Brazil for big game hunting and herding cattle.

Pantera came from Camping Kennels owned by Clelia Kruel in Texas. Clelia Kruel is a well known and highly respected breeder of Filas. Learn more about Camping Kennels by CLICKING HERE.

For more information on the Fila, go to the bottom of this page.

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick you r hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside... for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements... and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth... though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land... for you are my god. .. and I am your devoted worshiper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

And, beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

--Beth Norman Harris


THOU SHALT not chew or pull the phone cord out of the back of the computer.

THOU SHALT not unroll all the toilet paper off the roll and shred it.

THOU SHALT not sit in front of the television or monitor as thou art not transparent.

THOU SHALT not vomit on thy human's bed.

THOU SHALT not walk in on a dinner party and commence licking thy genitals.

THOU SHALT not jump onto thy human's genital region when he is sleeping on the couch.

THOU SHALT drinketh not the water from the toilet.

THOU SHALT not lick the chocolate residue from around the baby's mouth.

THOU SHALT not jump onto thy sleeping human's bladder at 4 am.

THOU SHALT not stand in front of humans and trip them even if they are walking too slow.

THOU SHALT remember that thou art a carnivore and that shoes and gloves are not meat.

THOU SHALT never forget that thou art not human. Thou art a dog. That is special enough.

Do pets go to Heaven?


And their eternal reward consists of being allowed to shit anywhere they want to.

And, of course, in Heaven dogs have full leg-humping privileges.

The history of the Fila Brasileiro (Copied from FILA NET)

The Fila's history is so closely linked with Brazilian history that, for a proper perspective, we shall mention the various periods in which the Fila played a very important role. It is not only linked to history, but to the way of life and daily problems of the first colonists in Brazil.

Most of the modern breeds have been "manmade". The Fila Brasileiro is an exception. It just "happened" as a result of mere necessity; colonists needed a strong, sturdy, and hard-working dog that would be, simultaneously, a good cattle driver, a good jaguar hunter, a good guard dog, and a loyal companion. This is the Fila Brasileiro. Courage, character and loyalty have always been his main characteristics through the centuries.

There are some basic breeds that contributed to the development of the Fila Brasileiro.

Though every cynologist agrees that three basic breeds contributed to the development of the Fila Brasileiro (the Engelsen Doggen or ancient Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Bloodhounds) some facts give way to another theory based solely on historical documents. After Brazil's discovery in 1500, Portuguese colonists came to Brazil bringing everything they owned, including their dogs. From the Azores Islands came the Fila Terceirense, a herder that had nothing in common with the Fila Brasileiro, except for its name. Even so, the possibility of a relationship cannot be discarded since there is no evidence of any other dogs in the colonies except for those brought by the invaders, and wild dogs. It is said that so many dogs left the Azores Islands that the Fila Terceirense became extinct.

Some felt that the name "FILA" came from the Portuguese dog Fila Terceirense; but it is also pointed out that "FILA" means "TO HOLD" in the ancient Portuguese language, and this was the main function of the Fila Brasileiro to hold (filar) runaway slaves.

From the ancient fighting dogs (the Engelsen Doggen or ancient Bulldogs) they acquired their aggressive temperament, as well as, being some what stubborn, the colors, the typical rose-ear, higher hind legs, and a higher croup than the withers, plus persistence.

From the Mastiff they inherited the large heavy head, strong maxilars, short neck, the substance, the slightly curved croup, moderated tail set, the courage, the black mask, and also the Mastiff 's basic colors.

From the Bloodhound the Fila received the abundant loose skin, the pronounced occipital peak, pendulous lips, hanging flews and dewlaps, the moderated tuck up, the fabulous scent, and the way of barking in a crescendo tune.

Maybe the Fila Terceirense left the legacy of the "crooked tail" and the ability of cattle herding, but it is hard to tell how much influence the Portuguese herders could have had. There is even a possibility of some influence from the most usual breeds found in each region; but even this would be a very low percentage not worth mentioning.

The origin of the Fila Brasileiro is still very obscure; but it is generally believed that it is the result of crossing English Mastiffs, Bloodhounds, ancient Bulldogs (called Doggen Engelsen), Fila Terceirense, as well as many others influencing the Fila Brasileiro breed.

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