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1. Picture of Bishop Bernard McQuaid, the first bishop of Rochester. He was the first cousin of John McQuaid.
2. Picture taken in 1940 from left to right is JoAnn, Dawn, Peter, Clarinda, Ron, Claudia, and Jim McQuaid.
3. Too many to list! This picture was taken in 1992 at Clarinda McQuaid's 90th birthday party and includes all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Only a few were missing.
4. Picture of John McQuaid
5. Picture of Mary (Killeen) McQuaid
6. Picture of Mary Margaret and Mildred Agnes McQuaid, sisters
7. Picture of McQuaid siblings (taken c. 1905)
8. Picture of McQuaid family (taken c. 1905)
9. Another line I am searching: KANALEY (from KENNELLY)
10. Another line I am searching: ROMANE (from ROMANN)
11. Another line I am searching: GRUNDTISCH
12. Another line related to my McQuaid's: LANGEVIN-BERGEVIN
13. Didn't find your McQuade/McQuaid ancestors on my site? Another McQuade/McQuaid line is on this site. Try this.
14. Another McQuaid/McQuade Site
15. Another place to find your McQuaid/McQuade Cousins
16. My Homepage
17. Great place to chat with Irish County Monaghan researchers

Okay. Now for the family tree. First of all the picture at the top is of John McQuaid. His children are in the picture under McQuaid siblings, where the links are. The McQuaid family picture is of John McQuaid children, their spouses, and their children. It starts with Mr. and Mrs. McQuaid. My best guess is that his name is John McQuaid but not sure at all of her name. Children include: Mary Ann, James, William and Joseph. William McQuaid, born 1810, married Mary O'Neill. Had five children: John, Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine and William McQuaid. Immigrated to Kingston, Ontario in Canada. John McQuaid married Mary Killeen in Kingston, Ontario. Many children all born in Kingston including: Mary, William, Anne, Catherine, Patrick, John, Bridget, Joseph, Agnes, Teresa, and Clara McQuaid. All the children were born between 1860 and 1880. They had many descendants so I created this website, hoping to find cousins and learning more about the McQuaid/McQuade family. My family file contains over 7500 people so if you think there may be a connection just tell me. I should be able to find one if there is one. The McQuaid children above married into the following families: Delaney, McMahon, Robinson, Shortt, Grate, and Marchand. More recent generations of this family include the surnames: Langevin, Kanalley, Felthousen, Herrmann, Kuebel, Biasucci, Moore, Doyle, Houle, McAuley, Semenza, Cormier, O'Connell, Venosse, Little, Brier, Ryan, Hemmingway, and Richarson. Hope to hear from some of you. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.






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