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               FOUST FAMILY PHOTOS

Aunt LilyAunt Lily was the daughter of George Foust and Granddaughter of James A Foust. 

Grandma Martha
Martha Jane Scales was the second wife of James A. Foust. She was born in 1857. She was a slave in Rockingham Co. NC. This picture was taken in Madison NC (Rockingham Co)around the turn of the century. Martha was known for her powerful prayers during services at the MT. Carmel Holiness Tabernacle , a church built by James A. Foust

My GrandmaEsther Y Hargrave was the daughter of Jesse Foust Young and the Rev. Sameul L. Young, and the granddaughter of James A. Foust. She was born in Madison, NC. She is the only living Grandchild of James A Foust.

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