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My Foust Family

James Alexander Foust was born to a slave named Janie Foust in Alamance County, North Carolina, July 20,1847. He was the eldest of three brothers. He was raised on a farm owned by George Foust in Alamance county. Before the end of the civil war James was given to Thomas C. Foust, of Graham, N.C. as a wedding present. After slavery ended, James migrated to Wentworth,NC in Rockingham Co. According to the 1870 census, James married a women named Lucinda and had two children, Theophalus(3) and Isabella(1). There was also another child in the home believed to be a relative named Alfred(12). Sometime between 1870 and 1875, Lucinda died. James moved with the rest of his family to Reidsville, N.C. where he married Martha Jane Scales. To this union 6 children were born; Carrie, Janie, George, Jessie, Walter and Anna. James Fouse settled with his family in Madison, NC (Rockingham County) around 1877. It was in Madison that "Uncle Jim" as he was affectionately called, made a name for himself as a brickmaker. Our Family's oral history suggest that the oldtown clock, which still stands was built with Foust brick. Sometime in the early 1900's, Uncle Jim built a church next to his home. This church, Mount Carmel Holiness Tabernacle became a place of worship for many in the community. Uncle Jim's wife Martha, who was blind by this time lead the church in prayer, and their daughter Janie played the organ. My grandmother recalls the feast that was laid out in front of the church on Sundays. "There were tables of food everywhere. Fried chicken, ham, bean, garden vegtables, breadpudding, cakes and plenty lemonade. Sometimes if it was really hot, the adult would make homemade icecream". These are the descendants of James Alexander Foust