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First, Let's meet the owner...

...this is Mr. Jay Dantry
( but friends call him "JAY" )

Jay's Book Stall has
probably played as large a
part in southwestern Pennsylvania's
literary scene as has any store.
Former employees can be found not
only managing book stores across the
region, but writing books as well.
The reason Jay's has thrived
for so long is its personal service,
according to Joe Emanuele, manager
of the store as well as a 36-year
"We're almost like a family
book store," Emanuele says. Jay's
carries lots of contemporary writings,
in 90 different sections.Jay Dantry,
owner of the store, reads about two
books a day, Emanuele says, and works
to get books that he likes in the
store, even if they never receive
much advertising from their publishers.
Something else Jay's does that
sets it apart is cater to loyal
customers. Home delivery of books in
the Oakland-Squirrel Hill areas is one
----Local Oakland Paper