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My Old English Bantams

Welcome to my Chicken Place.

I am currently raising Black Breasted Red, Birchen, Brown Red, and Barred. You will find picture of all the different varieties (colors) of Old English Bantams that I have had in the past on my site. There are links to other sites and clubs, browse around and please send me an e-mail if you have a site or a suggestion for my website. I am always interested in meeting other bird people but especially Old English Bantam fanciers. My Bantams and I live in Central Texas. Make sure and come back to my site and check it out as I will add new pictures and links from time to time.
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My Black Breasted Red Old English Bantams

BB Red.

My Barred Old English Bantams

Barred Cockerel.

MyBirchen Old English Bantams

Birchen Cockerel.

My Black Old English Bantams


My Brassy Back Old English Bantams
My Brown Red Old English Bantams

Brown Reds

My Crele Old English Bantams
My Lemon Blue Old English Bantams

Lemon Blue

My Red Pyle Old English Bantams

Red Pyle

My Silver Blue Old English Bantams
My Silver Duckwing Old English Bantams
My Wheaten Old English Bantams
My White Old English Bantams


There are currently 37 Recognized Varieties of OEG Barred, Birchen, Black, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed Red, Black Tailed White, Blue, Blue Brassy Back, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Blue Red, Blue Wheaten, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Buff, Columbian, Crele, Cuckoo, Fawn Red, Fawn Silver Duckwing, Ginger Red, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Opal, Quail, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Blue, Silver Duckwing, Silver Ginger, Spangled, Splash, Wheaten, White.

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