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Here are some links to Aussie/Aussie associated sites. Also to Hash sites and anything else I can find to pop on here.


Aussie Slang - Good site to help you understand us, or confirm we are mad buggars.

Map of Australia - Great geographical site by Michael (he might even start Hashing!)

A Newcastle Site - Town..oops, its a city the Hunter (where we are from silly!)

Adelaide Pubs - A site from South Australia, with great links.

Australian Hash House Harriers - Great index site.

Newcastle Hash House Harriers - The Horny Hash.

Rex Hunt Fishing - Known for angling knowledge, and for kissing fish!

Australian Woolies - Make recipes and shopping lists and more.

Beer - One word...says it all.


Other interesting Links:

Police Humour


Battle of the Sexes

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Osan HHH


Winnipeg HHH

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