Hash Trash....Weekly Newsletter of HHHH

Official Organ of the Hunter HHH.

Printed in large type for blind (or blonde) old fartz.

This page will be updated on a weekly basis if I can get my act together. If not bad luck. Last updated Feb 18 2001.
Also, I have decided to leave the Hash Trash in its original wording from run 1297 on account of I am getting too old to fiddle with it, and if you can't decipher it yourself then it doesn't matter anyway!! GorryWog is the author of this section, so he gets all credit or not for the HT.

Because I'm so lazy, I'm gonna simply scan our printed copy of hashtrash and shove it under here... It doesn't look too flash, but at now at least you all get to read the exact same thing we do... (take my advice, drink a beer before attempting to read it!). I'll get back to a decent format when I get the next disc from Gorry...(hint hint Gorrywog).

Now apparently I grabbed (settle down!) the wrong Hash Trash (or maybe Gorrie is a week behind???) Anyway, the one I am putting on here is from Jan 29. Apologies for that.



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