A Run History of Hunter Hash House Harriers

The following tale tells something of the runs and the identities that have set them over the years that H4 has been running around the country-side making fools of themselves.


Here’s a bit ov H4 History from Anniversary runs parst!

A little is just what is known about the early days of the Hunter H3. Legend has it that the club was formed in 1970 by a few of the Air Force personnel from the RAAF Base at Williamtown. The club ran sporadically and fought hard to survive in those early days. The first documented run was run 11 on 7 May 73 at Medowie. This run was set by Norm Lawless and Bob Wilkinson. Working back from this, if the club ran weekly its first run would have been on 26 Feb 73. As the real story is lost in time the club has decided that this auspicious day in Febuary will be the official date of its inaugural run. The clubs activities revolve around the area between Nelson Bay and Newcastle, which abounds in fine hashing territory....sand, bush trails, swamps, ring-ripping scrub, creeks, bust-arse climbs, and other sweat producing delights. 95% of our runs are scrub affairs with the odd 'pub' run through Raymond Terrace or Stockton for variety.

On 2 Mar 75 the club was getting stronger and with a reasonable sized pack celebrated its 50th run. This was set by Stropper Cummings and Swampy Dartnell at Corlette beach. Fellow revellers included Strange Dave, Mad MacInerny, Chas Morgan, Sammy Palma, Gundy McGovern, to name a few. By now the club had firmly cemented itself in high regard in the eyes of both the Amateur Athletics Ass., and Actors Equity. Brian 'Howie' Howard and Toohey Pratt came into the fold of the foolhardy and helped H4 grow towards its century of runs.


Some of the names of the Harriers that ran with the club back in those hazy days were: Dave Cuff, Ian Roy, Norm "Hoges" Lawless, Bob Wilkinson, Tony Green, Col Alpin, Herb Hurditch, Dick Gregory, and Alan Mumford. If anyone of knows of the above members whereabouts, it would be great if we could get the real story from the inaugural runners themselves.

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