Misfits Version of Hash Trash.

as opposed to Gorrywog's Version!!

I have decided to add my own Hash Trash, on account of Gorry's is not always right!! ha ha. Plus I think it needed a more sane view, a female one!!! (ouch, that will get me in strife).

I have been receiving some extremely interesting stories from various Hash communities.....(although I have no idea if these tales are fact or fiction), so please email me if you have anything you'd like shoved on here.

February 12 2001.

This was a hot summer afternoon, and Gumboot and Klitoris (I do not even want to know how he got THAT name!) were haring from their house. Aftera near miss on one roundabout (several times) (without using too much eyesight..ughh) and with Wimpy, Pigpen and virgin Kim in the car, we arrived at the starting (and finishing) point.

The run was fairly easy, however I did choose to walk it (I know, I'm a wimp). The highlight was the drink stop, where we skulled some really yummy concoction from specimen cups.

Two new runners (Kim and oh gosh I've forgotten the other's name) were made to drink. Wimpy was fined a bottle of Green Ginger Wine (I think) for refusing to drink from new shoes, (although he made pigpen do it when he got new ones).

Roodog was in fine form, having three beer before the run. Oh yeah, and I forgot to get that dress for you mate, I'll do it this week. (do you need a matching handbag and shoes??)

Prick of the Week was good ol' Lou for whispering to BonkBonk something about needing help to get out of being POW this week for something he did on the run!!!

It was a great run, with some new faces... (about time too!!). Thanks to Klit and Gumboot for the mash, and ON ON 'till next week.


- Misfit.




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