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Literary Pieces

To read the file, click on the name/title. They're all in .txt form, for convenience of viewing and reading. Here's a quick write up on each piece:

Ripped or Heart of Darkness

Well, this is the most famous one. Almost anyone who knows me has read it. And of course, it's my favourite. It's one of those things that you just sit down and write and just worry about getting it out there, and not about the stylistic and other crap, and it actually comes out half-descent. Must warn you though, it is a bit dark (holy understatement) and may not be suited to some viewers. Yeah, twisted is the word I think. But it served as a nice window into my soul for quite a while. And thanks to Kevin for the intense psychoanalysis that brought aspects I didn't even realize were there until over a year later. Does it suit Lamentation?

written January 19, 1998

The Cliff

I don't really think anyone has read this one. I wrote it in the same time block as Heart of Darkness, but I think that one overshadowed it, so I never brought it out. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but I think it still serves its purpose. It's a look into the mind of a man with spousal abuse issues. I wrote it from a very psychological point of view. Anyway, I'd be interested in getting some feedback from this one, so please, give me your opinion.

written May 22, 1998 (?)

The Last Match

This one, is, shall we say, a bit weird. I think Kevin's the only one who has read this (and really quickly in the halls at that). I started it with wanting to get one message across, but by the time I had written a bit, I got bored, so changed it to something else. That happened three or four times. Some of you might be able to understand some of the significance behind it. I don't really feel that comfortable with this since the writing style is pretty poor, and the use of metaphors goes a bit overboard. But I have this story connected with a candle of mine. It was lighting that match that gave me the inspiration. Of course, don't read into the story and the fact of who gave me the candle. I was focusing on the match when the idea came, not the candle. Who was I focusing on?...

written December 22, 1998

Mors Reginae [Death of the Queen]

I think this is one of my favourite pieces of writing, and I know a lot of you like it out there too. It's a bit of an inside joke. I wrote it as a satire on the whole Band Executive thing when Mr. Wervers (John) transferred, and Miss Parons (Andrea) took over. One day she just really pissed me off, so I decided to write a bit of propaganda against her. The entire Band Exec seemed to like it. I must apologize for all the virgin ears out there for the last line, but it had to be said. Oh, and ironically, I managed to pass this off as an English assignment for Macbeth (minus the last paragraph of course), and got 25/25 on it. Thanks for the inspiration, Andrea. (God that would suck if she had the Internet and found this...) Sorry, but I couldn't transfer the font stuff I did on the original to the names. That took me an hour to do in Word, and would take me at least three times as long to type the html code for that. Enjoy! [Thanks Karsten for the real Latin translation.]

written February 25, 1999

In the Woods

I don't think anyone will understand this poem (I mean the meaning and inspiration) cause I wrote it after I moved from home, and didn't have much of a social life, so no ones knows what was going through my mind. But you can always try to guess. But it's one of those poems that everything in it is a symbol for something else. But don't look too deep, because I highly doubt anyone out there will understand (sorry, but even you Kim). It's not in free verse, but sticks to the traditional sonnet form (which made it a real pain in the butt to write - rhyme scheme, 10 syllables per line, etc). But I like it.

written August 19, 1999

Marche au supplice [March to the Scaffold]

This appeared, along with Ripped and The Cliff in my anthology for my English OAC Independent Study Project. It was the only thing original I wrote for the project. All three were said to be inspired by Conrad's Heart of Darkness (which is why my story with the same name was changed to Ripped), but whereas the other two were more thematic based on Conrad, this one was more setting based, and what I got out of the book above all else. Yes, white people suck!

written December 15, 1999

At a Distance

Not to sound conceited or anything, but I really like this one. It follows the same lines of how I wrote Ripped: it just flowed out of my pen with very little thought. I wrote it in about ten minutes one day in chemistry class (thank you Player for making class so interesting). This appeared in the 2000 Hubbub (JDSS yearbook), which at the time sounded like a good idea, but perhaps not in the end. Most of you know who this is talking about.

written January 12, 2000

My Gale

Well, it's been a while since I've written any poetry, but today I was outside, reading some Poe, and felt inspired to write something. It kind of has to do with going to university and stuff.

written August 11, 2000

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