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Brian Halliwell Racing

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Halliwell Racing would like to thank Sponsors,Family and Friends that made all of our racing accomplishments posible ! Please e-mail us at !

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Halliwell Racing would like to thank
J.D Swain, Fioravanti Engines,
McKey Engines, Rick Baker,
Bob & Ann LaLonde,
without any of these people
we would not be have been racing in 2002.!!


Halliwell racing Family
Halliwell Racing Family

Career Achievements

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Photos of Awards,Trophies and Plaques

  • 1988 Won Points Championship in Amateur Division
  • 1994-99 Finished 5th or better in points battle 6 years in a row
  • 1996 Merrittville 'Most Improved Driver Award'
  • 1996 Placed 3rd in King of the Hill race at Ransomville
  • 1997 Finished 1st in Top Gun Trail Series
  • 1997 Gasport 'Most Improved Driver Award'
  • 1997 voted 'Most Improved Driver on Dirt' by Foar Score
  • 1997 voted Merrittville 'Most Popular Driver' by Fans
  • 1997 Merrittville 'Driver of the Year Award'
  • 1997 Collected 12 Feature Wins
  • 1998 Papa Dave Halliwell ' Crew Chief of the Year'
  • 1999 2nd fastest Time Trial at Gasport All Canadian Race


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